Another DC tour

Rich, Tricia, Gabby and Rich, Jr. came by at about 1:30 PM and picked me up. Rich’s mom was in town too, as was his newphew, and we headed to the metro station and then downtown. They wanted a quick tour and that’s what we did: The Mall, a few exhibits at the Musuem of American History, the World War II Memorial. By that time, the wind was picking up and the kids were getting tired, so we headed over to Union Station and had dinner at Capital City Brewery. They dropped me off back here at home about 20 minutes ago. It was fun, and it was good to see them. They’re heading back to L.A. this summer because Rich got a laproscopy fellowship at USC, so I’m glad I got to see them before they head back.

Mom called me while I was downtown and told me that she got her new MacBook today. I called her back when I got home this evening to get some more details.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, THE NEW YORKER, and AOPA PILOT all arrived in the mail today and I am so far behind on all of them, but especially SCIAM that it’s really embarassing to think about.


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