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Division titles and inconsolable infants

When I picked up the Little Man from school yesterday, we went through the usual preliminaries (“What did you do at school today?” “Play toys! Outside!”) and then asked him a very important question: Do you want to watch the Yankee game with Daddy tonight?

So at 7pm, we headed upstairs to watch the Yanks. About the same time, the Little Miss seemed to get somewhat cranky, but Kelly was about to feed her so I figured she’d calm down once she had some milk in her belly. Of course, the Yankees game was rain-delayed and so we watched the beginning of the Orioles/Red Sox game. On our walk home from school, I’d made sure to teach the Little Man to say “Go Yankees!” and being a quick learner, he would stand on our bed during the Red Sox game shouting “Go Yankees! Go Yankees!”

Meanwhile, I could hear the Little Miss crying downstairs. Not an all out screaming cry, but a steady, idling cry.

Early in the Red Sox game, the Orioles hit a home run and I cheered, throwing both hands up in the air and shouting, “Yeah!” The Little Man replicated this perfectly. He is the Rich Little1 of his daddy’s sports celebratory outbursts. Thereafter, no matter what the play was, the Little Man would do a little celebratory dance.

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  1. I wonder how many people will get this reference?

A fair-weather fan?


I was accused, yesterday, of being a fair-weather fan because I complained that I was giving up on last night’s game and heading off to bed.  I surprised by the accusation.  No one with whom I work would ever consider me a fair-weather fan, but since I couldn’t sleep last night, I gave the matter some thought.

I gave up on the game in frustration.  I think this is a natural emotion, the more so when you care about something that is completely out of your control.  You can only shout at your TV so many times (the results are the same, regardless).  Frustration, to me, is an emotion that shows you care.  If the poor showing by Yankees pitching didn’t frustrate me, I’d see it as a sign that it was something I just didn’t care much about.  But I love baseball and I have been a lifelong Yankees fan, despite nearly everyone around me hating the team.  There is nothing wrong with frustration.

I also complained that I didn’t have the energy for tonight’s game and my accuser took exception to that.  What kind of fan am I if I don’t support my team, whole hog into the wee hours of the night?  I suppose, under those circumstances, I am a fair-weather fan.  I’ve found as I have gotten older that it is more difficult for me to stay up late, and these games often go past midnight on the East Coast.  This difficulty, however, has nothing to do with being a fan of the team.  I have difficulty staying up to midnight on any night.  Even so, I claimed I didn’t have the energy to watch tonight’s game, and in part, I think I meant I didn’t have the heart to watch it.  This goes hand-in-hand with frustration, I think.

But there are other, more practical reasons why I won’t be watching tonight’s game.  Wednesday night’s are my writer’s group nights and at the moment, writing takes a priority over baseball.  If that makes me a fair-weather fan, then so be it.  I can live with that.  The bottom line is that fan though I am, baseball doesn’t always come first.

One last game at the old ball park

Yesterday evening (as I mentioned), Kelly and I headed up to New Jersey with Sarah and Jim.  It was a pleasant drive with almost no traffic, except for a bit outside of Philadelphia.  We got in pretty late, and within minutes of getting out of the car, I saw two shooting stars and one satellite.  It was amazingly clear and the town was far out in the country away from the haze of city lights.  We went to bed almost at once, and I was asleep as my head hit the pillow.  I slept wonderfully!

We were up at about 8 AM, ate breakfast, relaxed in the sunroom, and then took a walk around Sarah’s neighborhood.  The air was cool was but it was really pleasant out.  Sometime after 10 AM, we headed to the city.  Originally the plan was to take the train in from Newark, but we decided instead to drive into the city and park at the garage near he11o_sunshine  and stubiebrother ‘s place.

Walking toward the subway, we stopped at the Starbucks on Lexington and 85th for a bathroom break.  We waited outside the restroom for the person inside to finish.  We waited.  And waited.  It was a three-flush visit, but the funniest part was when the guy came out, we discovered there was no toilet paper in there.  We assume he was in there air-drying or something.

We hopped on the 4 train and headed up to 161st Street and Yankee stadium.  We made our way to Gate 6 and then headed up to our seats.  We sat close to the right-field foul pole, up high above the field.  They were great seats.  The game was slow, and scoreless, but it ended in excitement with 2 outs and the bases loaded and the Yankees winning with a walk-off base hit.

It was the second-to-last game at the old Yankee stadium and it was our last game there.

After the game, we caught the 4 train back to the upper east side.  We headed up to Jen and Jason’s, and spent the rest of the evening with them.  We headed to Mustang’s for drinks, and then we headed over to 1st and 87th, to a Mexican-fusion type restaurant for dinner.  I had steak fajitas, which were excellent.

We left the restaurant around 9 PM and shortly thereafter, we got the car and started heading back out to NJ.  Kelly and Jim fell asleep in the car almost immediately, and I did my best to keep Sarah awake (she was driving) by talking.  We got back to the house around 11:30 PM.  Jim went to sleep but Kelly, Sarah and I headed out into the hot tub.  Even though it was cold out (I’d guess in the low 50s), the hot water was comfortable, and the cold air felt good on my skin afterward.  We spent about a half hour in the hot tub, and then headed upstairs to bed.

Yankees/Orioles game

We were up around 8 AM and actually got to laze around for a while this morning. We watched most of Charles Osgood’s Sunday morning show on CBS, which is one Sunday morning program that I enjoy. Around 10:45, Dad and I hopped in the car and headed up to Camden Yards for the Yankees/Orioles game. We got there at about 11:40 and we soon at our seats.

The game was fun, if not a little boring at times. I think it set the record as the longest 9-inning game that I have been to at Camden Yards, the full 9 innings lasting 4:01. Nevertheless, there were exciting moments, an enthusiastic crowd, and the Yanks won in the end, 8-7, so what more could you ask for.

Kelly spent the day shopping and doing errands. She got me some new shorts and gym clothes while she was out.

Because the game went on so long, we didn’t get back home until about 7 PM, and that led to a late dinner at the Olive Garden. Kelly and I were supposed to finish up thank you notes, and I was supposed to do some writing, but by the time we got back from the Olive Garden, I was exhausted. We both headed off to bed. We read for a little while, but I was soon fast asleep.

Incidentally, while I am reading (and enjoying, Old Man’s War, Kelly started reading The Door Into Summer by Robert Heinlein. Until this book, the only s.f. she’s read is some Orson Scott Card, and of course, my stories. I’m eager to find out what she thinks of Heinlein, mid-1950s.

Yankee stadium, here we come!

We have a road-trip planned to Yankee stadium this September. Thanks to the efforts of Sarah, four of us have tickets to the Orioles/Yankees game on Saturday, September 20 at Yankee stadium, the last time we will get to go to the old ball park. We are planning on making a road-trip weekend of it and it should be a lot of fun. From what I understand, we are in Tier 25, row C on the first base line, way up.

Et cetera

Veterans Day weekend, Kelly and I are heading up to Stony Point, New York to visit with vickyandnorm as well as strausmouse and rmstraus. Since it’s a long drive, and since it’s about that time anyway, I made an appointment at Saturn for this Saturday for my next regularly scheduled maintenance. I’ll be there bright and early at 9 AM.

AJ and Denisse invited us over for a Peruvian dinner Saturday evening. Although neither Kelly nor I have any culinary skills to speak of (we can both make grilled cheese, PB&J and Kelly can make fish on a George Foreman grill), I think we can combine our talents to produce Dirt. I’ve only had Dirt once before, back when I lived in L.A., but I loved it so much that it has stuck in my memory to this day. I think we might give it a shot.

The Recreation Committee at my work is having a haunted house tomorrow and I was asked to be a “lurker” in the haunted house. I have to dress in black. I will be given a scary mask. It is then my job to walk close behind visitors to the haunted house in an effort to freak them out a bit, and in general make them feel unsettled. Sounds like a lot of fun.

I received the November 2007 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in the mail today, which means I am now about 4 issues behind. This seems to happen every so often. The problem is that each of the 4 issues looks equally interesting so that it’s not even possible to skip one.

Zeke cornered another mouse last night so I was awakened at 1:30 AM to the sounds of squealing. I managed to liberate the tiny mouse from Zeke and get it out of the house. This time, however, I watched Zeke afterward and sure enough he went right to the space in the back wall of the kitchen from where the mouse emerged. It came in through a small space from under the house and that space is now blocked off by a piece of furniture that I don’t use. Hopefully that puts an end to it.

The Yankees announced that Joe Girardi would be the new manager. He signed a 3-year deal. Don Mattingly decided not to return to the Yanks after the announcement was made. I don’t blame him. Girardi is a great guy and a good manager, but Donny Baseball was the fan favorite. I’m not sure I understand the point of winning championships if you lose fans in the process.

I’m hitting the shower and calling it an early night tonight. I have another busy day at work tomorrow, this time writing SQL stored procedures and C# code, but I also get to play around with AJAX which is a terribly geeky thing to be excited about.

The dinner I had tonight was so bad for me, so utterly inappropriate that I’m not even going to mention what it was. Someday, I will get back to the gym.

Yes, I heard the news

Like everyone else in the world, I did hear the news that A-Rod is opting out of his contract with the Yankees. No phone calls are required to inform me of the fact. No emails or text messages are necessary. I’m fully aware of it. It doesn’t come as a great shock.

Oh, and in lesser news, I also heard that some baseball team from somewhere in New England won the World Series this year. This is anecdotal, you understand, because I didn’t actually watch any of the World Series. Congratulations to whoever it was that won.

End of an era?

I stayed up late and watched the entire game last night, and like most Yankee fans, I was disappointed that the Yanks weren’t able to eek out a win and continue the series. Somehow, this loss was more disappointing than most. I think it’s because it might be the end of an era. The Boss has said that if the Yankees didn’t win this series, that would be it for Joe Torre. And I’m afraid if Torre leaves, some good players will follow him out the door.

Torre has been the manager since this most recent dynasty started back in 1996. He has been the one constant on the team, through all of it’s changes in the years since. He’s handled the players–even those of considerable ability and ego–extremely well. He’s led the Yankees to 6 World Series appearances and 4 World Series victories. I think the team would be in for a tough time without him.

I also think that such a decision on Steinbrenner’s part adversely (and unfairly) affects the players and the fans.

Who would replace Torre? Can he be replaced? The only person that makes even remote sense is Don Mattingly. And even so, one wonders if Mattingly would garner the same kind of respect that Joe Torre had.

I don’t mean to take credit away from Cleveland. They played hard, they played well, the played better baseball, and they earned their spot in the ALCS. I will be rooting for them, with a heavy heart, through the rest of the post season. But it certainly won’t be as exciting as a Yankee/Red Sox series. And if the Yankees really do lose Joe Torre, who knows when the next time we’ll see the Yankees and Red Sox face each other in the post season. It might be a long, long time.

The last day of the regular season

I slept in a little this morning, finally getting up just before 9 AM. It was another beautiful day today, even nicer than yesterday. Kelly came back over at 11 AM and we immediately headed up to Baltimore for the last Oriole’s game of the regular season, which turned out to be against the New York Yankees.

I parked at the Sheraton Inner Harbor because we were planning on going to the Inner Harbor after the game. The stadium was packed. I’m not sure if it was because the Yankees were in town, or because it was the last game of the season, or the weather. But it was a lot of fun, with the Yankees winning 10-4. Jorge Posada managed the final game of the season, and at one point, he even came out to the mound to bring in a relief pitcher. I managed to get in my last baseball hot dog of the season, as well as some cotton candy, a Sprite, and a beer. It’s hard to believe the regular season went by so quickly.

Kristy and her friend were at the game, sitting in the bleachers, and they came by to say hello. They’d been to all three games in the series. The Yanks finished the season with a 94-68 record. And, of course, a spot in the playoffs.

After the game, we walked to the Inner Harbor and had a 3 hour dinner at McCormick & Schmick’s. It wasn’t three hours by choice, necessarily. They were so busy that the service was pretty slow. But it was still a good dinner, and a great day. And now that the regular baseball season is over, it really does feel like fall.

Yankees clinched a playoff spot

After all of the criticism about their terrible start this season, the Yanks clinched a playoff spot last night. It’s looking like they will end up the AL wild card, and play the Cleveland Indians in the divisionals. At least they won’t be playing the Angels. And besides, the Yankees went 30-11 against the AL Central this year which is their best against any division including their own.

You would think I’d be rooting for the Angels over the Red Sox, but I’d love to see another Yankee /Red Sox ALCS, so as much as it pains me, I’ve got to root for Boston. Truth is I think most Yankee fans are probably doing the same, secretly or otherwise.

Up at 4:20 AM and into the gym by 5:50. Another 40 minute cardio workout that felt really good. A tiny bit of right knee pain at the very end, but I think this is due to the way I get lazy in my motions. When I feel the pain start to come on, I change my motions slightly (keeping my knee moving straight out rather than slightly off to the side) and the pain goes away. Burned about 560 calories and did just shy of 3 miles.

One and a half games, with ten left to play

While the Yankees completed a sweep of the Orioles last night, Toronto completed a sweep of Boston and that means that Boston’s lead in the division has been cut to 1.5 games. They are also up 5.5 games in the wild card race. I’m still convinced the Yanks will win the division, as I have been all season long.