Easter Sunday

Good day today.  We were up early and came downstairs.  Kelly made herself breakfast and when she went to get a knife out of the knife drawer, she discovered an Easter egg.  Looks as though the Easter bunny paid us a visit.  Kelly spent 20 minutes wandering around the house looking for more eggs. Twelve eggs in all.  It was a lot of fun.

Kelly went to the gym and I did some reading and when she got back, we took a long walk.  The weather was beautiful today, a little on the cool side, but still comfortable.

I finally caught up on some phone calls today.  I called Jen to wish her a happy birthday.  I called Eric and Norm and Doug.  I talked to everyone this morning except Doug.  But I did talk to Doug this evening, and in fact, we did a video chat and I got to see my new nephew, Calvin on the video chat.

We headed over to Sarah’s around 2 pm for Easter dinner.  I made a zucchini and walnut side dish to take with us and people seemed to enjoy it.  Mikey made lamb for dinner and we sat out in the back with a bunch of people and it was a lot of fun.  I even watched some of the Yankee game–the first game I’ve watched this season.

I’m going to finish I. Asimov tonight and get started on In Memory Yet Green tomorrow.

SFWA was asking for volunteers to help testing their website and I volunteered.  (It made sense, considering that I am a software developer and build and test web applications for a living.)  Looks like I’ll get started doing that on Tuesday.

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