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Yanks take the first two

Dad arrived in town yesterday evening. I had already watched the Yankees win the first game of their doubleheader against the Red Sox. Once Dad arrived, I sat down to watch the second game of the doubleheader, which turned out to be the longest 9 inning game in MLB history at 4 hours 45 minutes. The Yanks too that game too, 14-10. They are now up 3-1/2 games on the Red Sox and even if the lost the last three games of the series, they still come out on top. But the Yanks have scored 26 runs in two games. That’s a good sign.

I’m going to miss the game today, Randy Johnson vs. Beckett. But I’m hoping for another win.

I have caught up on blog reading!

I picked up Zeke from the vet as soon as I got home–and he is happy to be back. He’s patrolling the house to make sure everything is still in order.

Once home, I forced myself to put down The Executioner’s Song long enough to get caught up on blog reading. I got through the entire backlog of three days worth of friends journals and RSS feeds. I saw that shunn was on Hour of the Wolf a few days ago and I haven’t had a chance to listen to that interview yet, but I will this evening at some point.

The plan for the evening is pretty simple:

1. Read more of The Executioner’s Song (which is difficult to put down).

2. Proof read more of “Graveyard Shift”. My goal is to get it in the mail early Saturday.

3. Watch as much of the Yankee game as I can manage.

Bernard called me yesterday and had to reschedule my workout session tomorrow morning, which is okay by me, since I could use an extra hour of sleep. I’ll head to the gym after work tomorrow, however. I still have a session scheduled with him on Thursday.

Blues, Booze, & BBQ (not quite in that order)

The day was supposed to start out with Jason and I going for a run in Central Park, but that didn’t happen. We were up a little late, and I had to meet strausmouse and rmstraus and their friends at 11:30 AM. So instead, we ran out for some bagels and cream cheese. While walking to the bagel place, I showed Jason how to use the handheld GPS which he and Jen and my Mom will be using next week when they drive from Boston to New Hampshire.

I met Eric and Ryane, and their friends Lena and Anthony outside their place on 95th. We then hopped on the 4 train to Yankee stadium. We had bleacher seats; I’d never sat in the bleachers at Yankee stadium before and I was surprised that the view was still good. I made the mistake of wearing a black shirt, however, and it was hot out there! We were in left-center and had a good view of the game. The bleachers are alcohol-free at Yankee stadium, but that didn’t prevent the people who sat around us from passing around bottles of this and that to pour into their drinks. (They had all come down to the stadium on a bus and at least one of their members was very drunk and in a pissy mood.) On the otherhand, they were all Yankees fans. And as it turned out, the Yankees won the game 5-2. All 5 of their runs were scored off 2 home runs in the second inning. We headed back after the game and decided to meet up later for dinner.

In the meantime, Jason and I headed to Central Park to get some exercise. We tossed around a baseball for a while, and were asked to play in a pickup game of softball that was forming, but we didn’t have enough time to commit to the game. We did manage to get in a good workout, however.

We all met for dinner at Brother Jimmy’s on 92nd and 3rd at around 7 PM. For the second night in a row, we ate at a place where everyone was ordering big hunks of beef (I had the ribs!). When it came Jason’s turn to order, I believe he got the catfish. But he held his ground and survived the peer-pressure of those (myself included) encouraging him to eat meat.

After dinner, we walked over to Mustang and somehow, Anthony managed to get us into the back room, where we had comfortable chairs and couches mostly to ourselves. We Eric and Anthony each ordered a flight of tequila for themselves. Jason and I shared a flight. They were sipping theirs but I couldn’t seem to get the hang of sipping. It all just seemed to go down, no matter how small a sip I tried to take. Once again, however, I limited myself to 2 shots. We spent a relaxing evening in that back room and finally headed back home sometime around midnight.

Yankee game

I went to the Yankees/O’s game, today, and this time Karen went with me. We left a little late and there was a lot of traffic getting there, but we got there just as the game started. We walked into the stadium bowl to take our seats and watched Derek Jeter hit a home run in his first at-bat. Throughout the game, we also saw Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera, and Jason Giambi hit home runs. The Yanks tromped the O’s 6-1. And if things couldn’t have been any better, the Red Sox lost to Tampa Bay in extra innings and that means that Yanks lead the division by 2 games now.

We had dinner in at Capitial City Brewing Company in the Inner Harbor afterwards. The weather was great today, not as hot, and it made for a really nice Sunday.

Yanks are winning, so off to bed

I watched the Yankee game through 4-1/2 innings and now that they are winning 6-2, I think it’s safe for me to head off to bed. I have to be up at 4:30 AM for a 6 AM session with Bernard so I need to get some sleep tonight. Hopefully the Yanks can maintain their lead.

I spoke with vickyandnorm and found out that they set a date for their wedding (a location, too) and I am looking forward to it this coming spring. They have got a lot going on in this next half year, but they are also about to head off to Italy for a vacation. Have you guys brushed up on your Roman history?

I’ve got a softball game after work tomorrow and that means tomorrow is going to be a long day. I’m still not convinced I’ve got my revised eating habits down yet. I’m supposed to be eating 5-6 meals a day, but I find that I’m not hungry 5-6 times a day. I’ll talk to Bernard about that tomorrow. In addition, I’ve got a fair amount of programming to do, I need to find time to cut the grass, clean the house, get a haircut and do some grocery shopping. I wouldn’t mind sneaking off to Italy right about now.

Yankees vs. Red Sox

I can’t wait to get home tonight to catch the first meeting of the Yankees and Red Sox! Since Wakefield is pitching for Boston, I have a good deal of confidence that the Yanks will win. As it is, they have taken a slight lead for 1st place in the division. Overall, I’ve been very happy with their performance this year so far (early as it is in the season).

The real interesting element to tonight’s game will be to see how Boston fans react to the return of Johnny Damon.

Hopefully this won’t be one of their traditional four-hour games. I’ve got to catch a 7 AM flight to Los Angeles tomorrow.

Baseball is back!

I did manage to stay up last night and watch all but the bottom of the 9th inning of the opening day game of the Yankees and Oakland. It was a great game, and I got to watch the powerful Yankee office beat Oakland 15-2. In fact, they knocked Barry Zito out of the game after 1-1/3 innings. A-Rod had a grand slam, Matsui went 4-for-4 with a 3-run jack. Jeter had 2 hits, Damon had 3 hits. Every started but Posada had at least one hit. And Randy Johnson pitched very well, allowing only 1 run (a homerun). Great start to the new season. I finally got to bed at about 1:15 AM.