Trip to Albany

The taxi picked me up from the house at 10:30 AM. When the seatbelt didn’t work, I smiled and reminded myself it was Friday the 13th. Naturally, I got to Union Station without incident.

I had a business class seat on the first leg of the trip from Union Station to Penn Station in New York. The trip was completely uneventful. I grabbed a tuna sandwich for lunch and spent most of the time reading. The bulk of the business class car seemed to be taken up by by one family, who (it seemed to me) were travelling to New York for the first time. At one point, they started playing charades on the train. Go figure.

I managed to do some writing–a total of about 1,600 words total. I did the first 800 or so on the first leg of the trip, the next 800 on the second leg.

The train rolled into Penn Station ontime. I gave Jen a call when I got there but she was at work. The next train was delayed about 15 minutes. This was the “Lake Shore” line that goes to Chicago by way of half a million cities. Although this leg was an hour shorter than the first leg, it seemed to be an hour longer.

I rolled into Albany-Rensallear station at about 6:45 PM and Eric and Ryane were there to greet me.


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