Returning home from Albany

I said goodbye to Eric and Ryane, and Eric dropped me off at the Albany-Rensallear train station at about 10:45 AM for my 11 AM train. When I got to the station, I discovered that the train was going to be at least 30 minutes late. That was going to screw up my connection in New York City so I had my connecting train changed to the 3:05 PM train.

We finally got underway at noon. I had a business class seat on both legs and spent most of the time on the way back either dozing off, or reading.

I got into Union Station in DC around 6:30 PM and was back home by 7:15 PM. Zeke was happy to see me, I think. It was much warmer here in Maryland than in Albany–I think it was around 30 degrees here but after a day and a half of below-zero temperatures, it felt warm.

I got all of my W-2’s over the weekend so I’ve got to contact the accountant soon.


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