Second day in Albany

My second full day in Albany was strikingly different from the first–mainly because it snowed overnight and the temperatures plummeted. Where it felt almost muggy out on Saturday, there was a cutting wind and several inches of snow (and ice) on Sunday. With the windchill, the temperature never broke -5 degrees.

But we didn’t let that bother us. After breakfast, we trudged out into the cold weather, headed over to the local golf course, and did some sledding. This was the first sledding I’ve done since I was a kid, but it was fun. We found a good hill and off we went. I think I did about four runs. Coming up the hill was tough and none of us (except, perhaps, Cali) lasted longer than 30 minutes in the cold, cold weather. But we had a good time.

Eric and I had a rematch of Yankees vs. St. Louis on ESPN Basebal and I lost once again, but did a little better than yesterday.

After lunch, Eric and I went downtown and I got a birds-eye view of the capital of New York, from the top of the tallest building between New York City and Montreal. (It was somewhere around 40+ stories). By then, the skies had cleared up but the temperatures were still below freezing. Eric let me borrow his camera to take some pictures:

Eric made dinner in the evening–chicken and tortillas, with a salad, all of which was excellent. We closed out the evening watching the season premier of 24.


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