Still sick

Well, I woke up still feeling feverish this morning and my throat was still scratchy. I’m going to be pissed if this turns out to be the flu because it will have been a big waste of $18 for that flu shot.

I just called the Oriole’s ticket office in order to get an extra ticket to the Sunday, April 16 game against the Angels. Eric and Ryane are going to be coming down for that game (Ryane is an Angel’s fan) and I got a ticket exactly two rows behind where my season seats are located (section 29 row J, seats 9-10). The cool thing was the extra ticket cost less than half what they go for in the regular season because I’m a season ticket holder.

It’s very bright and sunny out but it’s cooled off quite a bit since yesterday so the bright sunshine is a bit of an illusion.

I spent the morning play MVP baseball 2005. I didn’t have energy to do much else, but it’s about time I got off my butt and started Getting Things Done this weekend. I’m also hoping to finish up Foundation’s Triumph today, although I haven’t decide what it is I am going to read next.


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