Orioles season ticket renewal

I got the renewal for me and Dad’s Orioles season tickets for 2007 and the price of the tickets did not go up! Instead of 3 Yankee games next year, there are two; there are two games with Boston as well.

  1. Apr 15: vs. KC
  2. Apr 22: vs TOR
  3. May 06: vs CLE
  4. May 27: vs OAK
  5. Jun 10: vs COL
  6. Jun 17: vs ARI
  7. Jul 01: vs LAA
  8. Jul 15: vs CWS
  9. Jul 29: vs NYY
  10. Aug 12: vs BOS
  11. Aug 26: vs MIN
  12. Sep 09: vs BOS
  13. Sep 30: vs NYY

We have the same seats that we’ve had for the last 3 seasons and I’m glad because I’ve grown fond of our seats in section 29. The season seems a long way off, but I am looking forward to it anyway.


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