Santa Monica, Day 3

Another day full of Crystal Reports training classes, which are going very well. We start on the next class tomorrow, and tomorrow, it’s just Rita, Pam, and myself that are in the class.

When I got into work (at 6:30 AM) email still was not working for Washington folks, but by the end of the day, it was once again working after nearly two full work-days. There are a lot of stressed out people at work. Beth and Wally were there all night. I felt really bad for them.

Craziest thing happened during break this afternoon. As I stepped out the classroom, my phone buzzed with an unfamiliar number. It turned out to be Tammy, calling to say hello. She found out that she passed her Veterinary board exam on Monday. She asked if I was at work and I said yes, but that I happened to be in Santa Monica this week. So is she! So we are going to meet for breakfast on Friday morning before my class. That should be nice.

Lunch with Beth tomorrow and dinner with Pam tomorrow evening.

And I’m up to 28 pushups–should be 30 by Friday and that’s where I left off when I was on vacation.


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