Margarita, Margarita (Santa Monica Day 4)

Just back from a Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica called El Cholo. I had dinner there with Pam and Eric Webb. Pam introduced me to a something-or-other Cadillac margarita, of which I had two, which was more than enough. The room is still spinning as I type this (back in the hotel, in bed). I was invited to play in a softball game tonight, but dinner went on and on. The game started at 9 PM and we didn’t leave the restaurant until 9:15 PM.

The clinical analysis: I am more buzzed than I was Sunday when I had the two Coronas and 2 Mai Tais, but less so than in Hawaii the night I had three Mai Tais. Right now, I’m feeling pretty good overall.

Jim is concerned that I am reliving all of the things I “missed” in high school and college. I disagree: if i never lived it the first time, I cannot be reliving it. Secondly, I am well aware of what I am doing, experimenting, pushing my boundaries to just to see what it is like. I am hyper-conscious of this. But I am having fun, and so far, no harm to anyone, least of all, me.

I had lunch with Beth today, and we had some time to catch up. Class again today, this time, we started on the Crystal Reports Business Reports class. It is a very good class.

I am meeting Tammy for breakfast at 8 AM tomorrow. I’ll probably go into work at 6:30 AM as I have all week so far, and then come back to the hotel just before 8 AM to meet her here.


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