A relaxing evening

I picked up Magnum P.I. Season Three today at Best Buy. It was on sale and I thought I’d go home and just relax this evening, and perhaps, fall asleep watching a good old show. (After all, if I fell asleep earlier today listening to Metallica, then this should be like a lullaby). I really like Magnum P.I. It’s a great show. Season 4 is due out in April. I am now in bed and ready to watch a few episodes before dozing off for the evening.

I did 32 pushups before getting into bed (barely). I skipped 31 pushups yesterday and instead spent some time witht he weights. My arms feel like rubber right now. Also, it’s beginning to feel a little like winter again this evening. The temperature is supposed to go down into the 20s tonight.

I’m waiting for my United miles to post from the flight on Sunday, and then I’m going to call and upgrade my flight to Vegas later this month. I also think I’m going to cash in some miles on the Acela when I go up to New York in 2 weeks. That way I don’t have to pay for travel.

I turned in my expense report today. Looks like per diem in Santa Monica has gone up to something like $64/day at the government rate. I suppose I should have splurged a little more than I did. Hopefully, it won’t take so long to get my reimbursement this time.


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