Reading and writing

Switching to The Passage of the Light was a good move because I haven’t stopped laughing since I’ve started reading it. During my late lunch today, I was chuckling so loud I thought I might be disturbing my neighbors. Barry Malzberg is just about the most brilliant writer I have ever read, in or out of the science fiction genre. I wish I could write like him.

I also did some writing tonight, some nonfiction which I will post here once it is completed, but it’s fairly long and may be a little while before I have it done to my satisfaction.

I napped during lunch today and fell into an unusually deep sleep. When I woke up, I had no idea where I was and I was disoriented for several minutes. Once I came to my senses, I realized that I had a briefing to give and rushed to the conference room to setup. It went fine. But I was in a perturbred mood for the rest of the day.

Watched two episodes of Magnum P.I., season three this evening. I downloaded the theme song from the show from the Apple Music store this evening, just to amuse myself.

It’s about time for bed. I had a hilarious dream last night involving Jim and Janet and a convertable, but I cannot for the life of my remember why it was so funny. Ah, well. Tomorrow night, a “fresh” episode of Smallville.

34 pushups tonight. For some reason, it started to get really tough when I hit 25 tonight. I wasn’t sure I’d make it all the way but I did. Barely.


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