Lunch break

I’ve managed to get through all but one story in the volume 1, issue 3 of SF AGE today. I’ll finish that story later this afternoon. I’ve been writing my thoughts about the stories down as I read them, which is different than what I did for the first two issues and in issue 3, I have a lot to say. It’s a good issue.

I printed out the first draft of “4005 B.C.” so that I can review it later today and begin the process of shaping it from a rough first draft into a smooth final draft. I’d like to get the story in the mail this week if I can so I’m making it a priority. (But then again, when everything is a priority, nothing is a priority so who know.)

I’m going to run out and grab a bite to eat. Then I have to run some errands but I should be back home in a few hours.


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