Too much music?

There may be a downside to having a lot of music. I have over 2,800 songs on my iPod and in iTunes. Back in January, I ranted about some difficulty I had figuring out a song from just its lyrics. The song, regular readers will recall, was ultimately discovered to be “Tiny Tears” by the Tindersticks.

This evening, I wanted to listen to the song, and so I did a search of my library in iTunes for it.

And there were two instances of it.

Turns out, I had the song all along, as part of Soprano’s CD that I got a while back. And I didn’t even know it. Too much music? Maybe, especially if I have stuff that I’m unaware of. But on the otherhand, maybe I just don’t care enough. I have nearly 1,000 books, for instance, and I can tell you instantly without checking a database if I have a particular book in my collection. But no music. Oh well, it only cost me $0.99.

This time.


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