Red Rock Canyon

Norm, Vicky and I headed out to Red Rock Canyon to do some hiking and geocaching. It was about a half hour drive outside of Las Vegas. We stopped at the information building to get a map, as well as some water (which we had forgotten to bring), and then set about driving “around the loop”. We planned to stop for a hike along the way.

First, we stopped by a place where there was outcropping of sandstone, which we all felt compelled to climb. We sat on a perch of sandstone, tossing rocks, watching rock climbers. Vicky and I plotted Norm’s demise, and almost got away with it when he “slipped” on a rock, but he managed to regain his balance and we had to pretend it was an accident.

We got back in the car and headed out again and this time, we stopped at a place where we decided to hike. (We had nixed geocaching at this point because we’d have to go to far to do it.) We ultimately picked a trail that led to a waterfall. It was a fun, humorous hike, and believe it or not, there was mention of numerous jokes that would go into this blog, none of which I can remember now.

Vicky “made up” a new word on the hike. I’m not allowed to say the new work because it is a derivative of one of the Ten Words You Can’t Say On Television (the worst of them, actually). I thought I’d heard the word before, but Vicky insisted that she (or perhaps Howard Stern–she sometimes confuses herself with him) made it up.

The waterfall itself was an impressive trickle that in front of which Norm and Vicky had their picture taken. After the waterfall, we hiked back a slightly different way, decided to complete the circuit and then find something to eat.


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