Strip Club Bathroom

I had an afterthought this morning about the bathroom in Olympic Gardens. It was an interesting bathroomin that it was “attended”. In other words, there was a man in the rest room, who made sure the sink was clean and dry and would provide you with towels, and to whom you could give a tip. (Why a man, why not a woman? Would this have been too distracting? Possibly, but it would have been more interesting.)

In any event, the most interesting thing about the bathroom was the products that were available in there. On the sink counter, in various containers, was an assortment of gums, mints, and candies. There were hair products (gel, combs, etc.) There were soaps and hand lotions. In fact, the restroom was better stocked than many restrooms of higher end hotels and restaurants which I have been in.

I went to the restroom twice while I was there, but the second time was more to get a better look at the gewgaws that were available than to use the facilities itself.


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