My new cell phone

My new cell phone was delivered this afternoon and it’s a pretty cool little gadget. It’s a Motorala RAZR. It’s very thin but has a very good display. I got it mainly for the BlueTooth and Speakerphone, both of which I have already made use. I have my phone book now synced to my Mac address book, and whenever I bring my phone within 30 feet of my Mac at home, it sync’s up the address books. This is incredibly convenient.

I had a work-related meeting that I attended remotely (from home) this afternoon and I used my speaker phone for the full hour-long meeting and it worked just great.

Now, I am tweaking the settings to get it to work just the way I want it to. For instance, I have Jen’s number voice activated, so if I touch a button and say her name, my phone dials her number.

I also tried the camera phone out and that seemed to work just fine. It does video too, but I don’t care so much about that.

It’s a pretty neat little gadget.


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