My new iPhone 4


I got a new iPhone 4 today. This wasn’t really something I’d planned. My old iPhone was a 3G and it’s battery, at least, was on its last legs. At the hospital yesterday, the battery died after about 2 hours of intermittent use: full charge to no charge in 2 hours. That’s been par for the course. The thing to do seemed to be to upgrade. I know that the iPhone 5 is just around the corner but I no longer feel that I need the latest and greatest. The iPhone 4 is an upgrade for me, and I also have my iPad 2, which is where I do most of my work anyway. I got the black 16 GB version. I have no need for the 32GB version: I have my iPad with me most of the time and that has 64GB which is plenty for me.

Migrating to the new phone was pretty easy, especially since most of my apps are cloud-based. The Apple store folks offered to transfer my contacts, but my contacts are synced with Gmail and apparently their device doesn’t work in those cases. All I had to do was setup Gmail on the phone and there were my contacts.

Of course, since the phone is iOS 4, it means it is much more like my iPad than my old iPhone: multitasking, for one thing, which is nice to have on the phone. I was also able to use the App Store to download a bunch of my previously purchased apps, which is convenient. The new phone also has video, including FaceTime, which is convenient since almost all of our devices now have FaceTime. The flash on the camera is also a convenient addition.

I’ve got Google Voice and my Google Voice phone number working on the phone. Confirmed that texting is working as well.

Things run faster, too. Facebook was taking forever on my old phone. Not only that but if Location Services were enabled, it sometimes crashed my old phone. Not so on the new one, and hopefully things will stay that way.

I still have some customization to do to the device, but that will have to wait until I get home and sync up with my computer. (It will be nice when iOS 5 is out and I no longer have to connect to the computer to sync.)

This is my third iPhone. I got my first in the summer of 2007 and my second in 2009 (when a crack in the screen of the first one pretty much killed it). I’ve been happy with them for the most part. I’m just hoping the battery life on this one is better than the old one.


    1. Michael, ugh, they are still there. There’s some applications that just can’t be deleted. No option. So I generally move them into a “Defunct” folder and push them off to a page on their own so that I never ever have to look at them again. 🙂


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