The false alarm

The false alarm began at around 11am with a call from Kelly. There were some symptoms of impending labor. She’d called the doctor and the doctor told her to head into the hospital. I left work, headed home, collected our things (which were already packed and stacked by the door), and off we went to the hospital. Our hospital is, conveniently, only five miles from our house.When the Little Man was born, it was a leisurely drive at 6am, not the melodramatic thing you see on TV.

This afternoon we hit traffic and what normally takes 15 minutes took twice that long.

We arrived at the hospital and checked in. Preregistration made this a breeze, and we headed up to the “bunny desk” where delivery triage is located. From there we were whisked into a triage room and Kelly was hooked up to a dozen or so monitors. There was a nice dashboard display of readouts, and for the next two hours, we played the game of See If Jamie Can Guess When the Contraction Is Starting Before Kelly Feels It. For some reason, I never won a round. The machine seems to lag a few seconds behind reality.

Blood was drawn and various tests were run and in the end, we were sent packing. The Little Miss was not, in fact, imminently arriving. More than likely, she will arrive when she is scheduled to arrive first thing Friday morning.

It was not an entire loss, however:

  1. It made for an exciting afternoon.
  2. It allowed us to see how well our backup plan for the Little Man would work (since Kelly’s parents have not yet arrived).
  3. It gave us an experience we never had the first time around

And, perhaps most exciting of all, while we were there at the hospital, we got word that my sister-in-law gave birth to a new niece, their fourth child and second daughter. She is adorable and that is a nice consolation prize in my book.

We’re back in the countdown, t-minus about 86 hours and counting.


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