Zeke in the hospital

Zeke is at the vet hospital in Annapolis tonight. He threw up last night and afterwards was having some trouble breathing. This is nothing new with him. This has happened to him twice in the past; the last time was 15 months ago. I took him in as a precaution and the good doctors are keeping him in oxygen and giving him albuterol to help return his breathing to normal. His lungs are a little fuzzy in the chest x-ray. While over the last 2 years, no doctor has been able to figure out exactly what causes Zeke’s breathing problems after he vomits violently, the general theory seems to be something called neurogenic adema. Basically, it’s fluid that gets into the lungs when an animal chokes. Normally, this goes away by itself; that’s what happened 15 months ago when he last threw up violently (he’s thrown up in the interim, as all cats do, but normally he’s fine afterward.)

So they are keeping him at the hospital overnight, in oxygen, with some medication, and hopefully, he’ll be able to come home after work tomorrow.

I worked from home today in order to keep an eye on him. He hates being taken to the vet, and he gets really stressed, but I felt that having the doctors there check him outweighed the stress it might cause him.

I sometimes think it’s tougher on me than it is on him. When he does throw up, I get major anxiety, wondering if it’s going to be routine, or whether he’s going to have breathing trouble afterward.

I’ll post another update tomorrow after I have more information.


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