Lately, movies I’ve been getting through NetFlix or seeing in the theater have had these weak, cop-out kind of endings that leave you hanging. I call it lazy writing.

Elizabethtown is not one of these movies.

I saw it from NetFlix tonight. The first hour and half of the movie is pretty good. Not spectacular, but good. Funny, touching, overall, well written, as is to be expected from Cameron Crowe.

The last 25 miuntes of the movie is something else entirely. The writing, the cinematography, the music, the emotion, everything is taken to the next level. The movie is well worth it just for those last 25 minutes. It is the first movie I’ve seen in a long, long time that transcends the writing and acting and everything else to be a film experience and to immerse the audience in something really special.

Wow! Gee! This was a completely unexpected, great movie.


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