Elizabethtown, part deux

I watched Elizabethtown tonight for the second time. It gave me the chance to note a few more things about it than I did the first time around. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure I’d like it as much the second time around, but it was the opposite: I liked it even better.

The cheerful, optimist, Claire reminds me of thepopeswife who is also ever cheerful and optimistic. So much so that it is contagious. More people should be like that.

The last 20 minutes of the movie are still the most remarkable part, in my opinion. It’s a Cameron Crowe movie, so the writing is outstanding. But there was one line that stood out as a truly remarkable line. Just before Drew begins his roadtrip, Claire says to him

I want you to get into the deep, beautiful melancholy of everything that has happened.

It is that kind of line that all us wannabe writers wish we could call our own.

I also noticed that, written on one of the pages of Drew’s special roadtrip map is my favorite Latin proverb:

Per aspera ad astra

The soundtrack is phenomenal, of course. I have both volumes and I was listening to them earlier today, which is probably what inspired me to watch the movie again. Cameron Crowe has not disappointed me so far. And this second time around, I think this film jumped way up in my list of favorites. It certainly left me feeling good.


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