Morro Bay, Day 1

I got into LAX ontime last night, picked up my car from Hertz (a Chevy Impala, very big, blue, with a nav unit) and got to Mom and Dad’s in Oxnard just before 11 PM. I was pretty tired so I went right to sleep, and I was up at 6:30 AM this morning, after sleeping surprisingly well. I said goodbye to Mom and Dad and hopped in the car for the drive to Morro Bay.

I had told Dan I my ETA was 9:52 AM. In actuality, I arrived at about 9:15 AM. It was good to see Dan and Megan. It’s the first time I’d seen them since our trip to Hawaii almost one year ago. I’d forgotten that they had put hardwood floors thoughtout the house, which looks great. It’s been more than a year since I have been up here and apparently, the hardwood floors were here the last time I was, but I just didn’t remember.

We walked to breakfast at a small place down by the water and after breakfast, we headed into San Lois Obispo. We arrived downtown around 12:30 PM and made our way to Coldstone, where I had a large chocolate shake. Megan also had a shake and Dan had ice cream. After that we headed over to the bookstore and browsed books. I ended up picking up a book on the history of algebra, but I managed to set it back down before we left the store. It was tough, but I told myself that I don’t need to buy a book every time I enter a book store. After the bookstore, we bought tickets for a 3:30 PM showing of The Departed which turned out to be a pretty good movie. It was a long movie, too, and it didn’t let out until just after 6 PM.

After the movie, we headed to Pizza Solo for dinner where I had a caesar salad and where I also noted that the Cardinals shut out the Mets 5-0. From there we headed back to the parking garage where Megan discovered that she’d left the driver’s side window wide open. Fortunately, nothing was taken.

Back at Dan and Megan’s, we popped in the Elizabethtown DVD. Dan and Megan had never seen the movie before and I think they enjoyed it. We sat around chatting for a little while but by 11 PM, I think we were all beat. It was a fun day and I’m only sorry that I could be here for so short a period of time. I still have almost all day tomorrow to spend with Dan and Megan. I don’t have to head back to the airport until about 5 PM. (My flight back to Baltimore tomorrow is at 11 PM). I do miss being able to drive up here on a weekend, however. I remember that I used to really look forward to coming up after a long week a work. We always had a good time.


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