Morro Bay, Day 2

Details coming soon. With all of this travel, I am still trying to catch up.

The day began with a short walk, followed by a yummy breakfast. I had a “scramble” which included bacon, cheese and eggs, all mixed and mashed together. Also some potatoes. Very tasty. That was followed by a traditional walk out to Morro Rock, where we spent a few minutes watching the surfers (and a small dog).

We headed to the San Lois campus, where they have bowling alleys and pool tables and bowled a few rounds. It was the first time I’d bowled in over 4 years, and I surprised myself by doing very well for my standards. I bowled a 144 in the first game and a 160 in the second game. I thought the first game was a fluke, but then along came the 160 in the second game. It defies explanation. We played a little pool and then headed out to grab some lunch. I talked Dan and Megan into going to Carl’s Jr. for lunch, and I reveled in my Wester Bacon Cheeseburger. Yum-my!

Back at their house, Dan, Megan and I sat down to watch a movie and chill. Megan put on Fargo and we watched that. (Actually, Megan and I watched. Dan slept through the entire thing.) When the movie was over, it was time for me to leave. Dan had an extra output cable which he gave me and that meant that I was able to plug in my iPod to the car radio for the drive home. I listened to Pink Floyd the entire way back to LAX. I arrived at the airport at about 9 PM. The flight departed on time and arrived in Baltimore nearly half an hour early.

It was a fun weekend and my one regret is that it was just too short. I don’t get to see Dan and Megan very much these days and spending a day and a half with them just isn’t enough.


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