Beyond reproach

I have made the arbitrary decision that 34 years of age, is the age at which one is beyond reproach when it comes to what music one listens to. If you are in 8th grade and listen to, say, disco, your friends have every right to tease you since you are not listening to Kelly Clarkson and are clearly not With It. If, however, you are 34 years of age and listen to Kelly Clarkson, you are beyond reproach. No one can say anything about your tastes in music that can have any impact on your ego or identity whatsoever. You have, in essence, earned the right to listen to whatever you want, free from ridicule.

If I want to listen to “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”, you will just have to deal with it. You get the picture.

Have I mentioned lately how much I dig the newest Bon Jovi album, Have a Nice Day? I’ve listened to it three times already today and am starting on a fourth.


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