Approaching 40: a musical autobiography

I’m 20 days away from turning 40. I’ve found that as I get closer I find it harder and harder to imagine that I’ll actually be 40. In my head, I’m still the same little kid I’ve always been. It’s disconcerting. I thought I would take these 20 days to provide a kind of musical autobiography of the first four decades of my life. I have a play list of nearly 200 songs which form a kind of autobiography. I’ve selected 40 of those songs and will write an autobiographical post about what each song reminds me of. The posts will be in roughly chronological order of my life, even if the songs are not in strict chronological order.

Since we are 20 days away, I’ll make two posts each day, a morning post and afternoon post. All the posts will be tied together under the category of “approaching-40”.

Many of the songs I didn’t choose, they chose me. That is, when I was very young, I didn’t control the dials to the radio, someone else did. So the songs that played and associated themselves with my memories were strictly by happenstance. Also, I decreed a long time ago that once you hit 30, you are beyond reproach in the music you listen to. For whatever reason, my memories are tied very strongly to the songs I hear. I can recreate the scenes in my head vividly. I can smell the smells and hear the sounds. I’ve always been able to do this and have assumed that everyone can, but I suppose that isn’t the case.

In any event, look for the two posts each day through March 26. The big day, of course, is on Tuesday, March 27.


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