No Readercon for me this year :-(

As it turns out, I won’t be able to attend Readercon this year. Readercon is my favorite convention. This year would have been the fourth time I attended.  But life sometimes gets in the way. Two kids means paying for pre-school and daycare, to say nothing of saving twice as much for college. This has made us cut back nearly everywhere, including travel. And given that I’d still like to attend Worldcon in Chicago, there is just no way I could justify doing both. I’ve never attended a Worldcon, so given the choice between one or the other this year, I’ll go with Worldcon. I do hope to be back at Readercon next year. I’m mostly sad about missing Readercon because I won’t get to see the many friends I’ve made there, from Barry Malzberg and Paul Di Filippo to Liz Hand and many of my fellow SF Signal bloggers.

I will be attending the Nebula Weekend, which is taking place right here in Arlington, Virginia. I also plan to attend Capclave later in the year. And I’m going to try to get up to the SFWA mixer in NYC later this year as well.


  1. I’m sorry you won;t be there this year, but I understand.

    (Last year’s ReaderCon was the first weekend I realized I was not feeling well. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis two months later.)


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