Airplane humor

On a lighter note, we had, on the flight home yesterday, about the funniest pilot I’ve ever heard in my life. While people were still boarding, he got on the microphone and did a “stand up” routine of which George and Gracie would have been proud. He sounded like a stand-up comic. He had a smooth delivery, great sense of humor, and had me rolling in the aisles.

At only one time was I not laughing.

After the captain made these initial “announcements” (while people were still boarding the plane), he came through the plane and exited. A few minutes later, I saw him come back into the plane with a Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times and make straight for the cockpit with it, coupon section and all.

Since we were mere minutes from depature, it made me wonder: when is this guy going to be reading that newspaper?


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