Mentally flossing

I’ve spent the last 20 minutes or so starting to read the latest issue of mental_floss and I love it. It is (a) informative in a (b) hilarious way. I’ve never seen a magazine quite like it. In some ways, the humor reminds me of the stories that strausmouse and I used to write in high school (on book covers no less!) I also love the format: lots of lists, packed with facts, and something funny on every page. And I haven’t even gotten to the columns or the feature articles yet!

For anyone who is a trivia buff, for anyone who is a humor buff, and for anyone who likes quirky magazines that stand out because they are different and better, I’d recommend picking up a copy of mental_floss and checking it out.

I’m heading out of here in a few minutes and am going to see how much more of the magazine I can get through before I get to Buffalo Billiards. I can pack myself with humorous, worthless information which I can then hurl upon my unwitting hosts!


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