Good magazine day!

I got home from work today to find four magazines waiting for me: THE NEW YORKER, the Jan-Feb 2007 issue of mental_floss, the February 2007 issue of FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, and the February 2007 issue of ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION.

This is one of my last issues of THE NEW YORKER. I like the magazine but I canceled my subscription because I never have time to read it. It literally collects dust. The other magazines are staples. ASIMOV’S looks particularly good this month with a lead novella by Kris Rusch, “Recovering Apollo 8”. And F&SF has the first of a 2-part serial. Maybe serials are making a comeback. It seems like I’ve been seeing more of them lately. mental_floss is always packed with tasty information, and of course, there is Ken Jennings’ “Six Degrees” column.

I love these magazines, but in a way it is a burden. I have too much to read, especially now that I have officially started to go back and read all of my SCIENCE FICTION AGE magazines, cover-to-cover. More on this later.


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