Veteran’s Day and Amtrak Select

I found out that I get Veteran’s Day off this year and seeing as how that gives me a long weekend, I was considering my options. I logged onto Amtrak to check some schedule information, and when I logged into my Guest Rewards account, I found out that I have qualified for their Guest Rewards “Select” status (essntially the equivalent of United’s Premier status) because I have travelled enough on the Acela this year (I’ve made 5 or 6 roundtrips from here to NYC).

It hasn’t helped me decide how I want to spend the long weekend (although I ruled out another trip to L.A.–the airfare was too expensive). Of course, I could just stay home, but I like taking advantage of these long weekends. I need to think about it some more.

My work day is over but I’m not supposed to meet AJ and Denisse for drinks until 7 PM, so I have a few hours to kill. I’m going to read Lunar Prospector for a while, I guess. I’m supposed to meet them (and some of their friends) at Buffalo Billiards which is on the south end of Dupont Circle. So it’ll take me a little while to get there on the train from here at the office. It’s a good thing I left my umbrela here because it’s raining out and I have a short walk from the metro to the bar.


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