You can call me Al

I got to Buffalo Bills exactly at 7 PM and naturally, I was the first person there. Denisse showed up about 10 minutes later and then her friends started arriving. AJ didn’t get there until almost an hour later. I spent time talking to Denisse and also to a friend of hers from Finland. Denisse kept challenging me to drink with her and I always finished before her. Finally, I ordered 2 Jaeger shots and we did those together. At that point, however, I started to slow down because I knew I had to head home in a few hours.

Around 9 PM we headed down P street through a driving rain to a Japanese bar with a Karaoke machine, you know, where people get up an sing the song while reading the lyrics off a TV screen. That went on for quite some time and it was a good thing I’d had something to drink or I might not have been able to withstand the screeching. I joked with AJ that he should get up there an do a rendition of Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” because he had done that once at Corbin Bowl in L.A. about 5 years ago and it was hilarious. Turns out they had the song and so he got up there and did it, and somehow, dragged me with him so that I sang too. Together, our voices would have peeled wallpaper from the walls had there been any wallpaper. But it was fun.

I left shortly thereafter, saying goodbye to Denisse who is off to Switzerland to finish her Ph.D. It took over an hour to get home and it wasn’t until I finally did get home (close to 1 AM) that I found out that the Cardinals won the World Series and that strausmouse finally got his release.

I slept pretty well last night. It rained most of the night and the rain on the roof is always a pleasant sound. I was pretty hungry when I woke up and the two bowls of cereal, toast and juice really hit the spot. Today, I’m debating heading over to Silver Spring to go see The Prestige simply because it looks interesting.


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