Rumors of my near photographic memory are, in fact, true

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon with AJ and Denisse. We went into Georgetown for a late lunch at an Indian food place. In fact, we got in just before they closed the kitchen, but the food was outstanding. We lingered over the meal for a while and the folks in the restaurant were patient, but eventually, they started to vacuum and we figured we should probably leave.

So we wandered up the street to Barnes & Noble and browsed through the book store for a little while. Eventually, we made our way back to the front of the store, looking for AJ and Denisse. They were by the magazine section, skimming magazines. Kelly and Denisse began commiserating and when I tried to get in on the action, Denisse shooed me away. “Go read a magazine,” she said.

“I’ve read them all already,” I said.

“Oh yeah, right,” said Denisse. She glanced randomly at a shelf. And then she said, “So what’s on page 39 of Q magazine.”

I paused for a moment, thinking, and then replied, “An advertisement.”

“Shut up,” Denisse said, “prove it.”

I walked over to the shelf with issues of Q magazine. I pulled off the top issue and turned to page 39.

It contained a full page ad.

It took Denisse several minutes to recover.


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