Coming up for air

I have been immersed in ASP.NET code since 7 AM with ne’re a breath taken, but I am coming up for air now, and my office has materialized around me.

It’s strange, but when I get into what my friend Jim called “progammer mode”, the physical world dissolves around me. I don’t see my office, I don’t hear my phone ring, I barely even hear the music I am listening to. I’ve been programming for a very long time but I’m not what I’d call a natural, and so I suppose it takes all of my concentration and focus to do it well. On the flip side, time zooms by and before I know it, it’s almost time to head home for the weekend.

People around the office were attempting to arrange a happy hour after work, but it never seemed to materialize. It’s probably better because Dad is coming into town this weekend and of the weather holds, he’ll be at the house around 10 PM, and that gives me some time to get some errands done before he arrives.


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