100 hours of fun

My brother gets into town this evening and that marks the beginning of about 100 hours (from this evening until Monday evening) of fun. We’re driving up to Cooperstown, New York tomorrow, with a short stop in Albany along the way to say hello to Eric.

Well be in Cooperstown Friday evening, all day Saturday, and then we leave Sunday morning for New York CIty. We’re spending Sunday night in NYC and driving back home on Monday. That gives us some time to hang out with jen_ashlock and Jason.

I’m really looking forward to it.

In other news, my lawn mower arrived and I cut the grass with it and what a pleasure it was compared to the old thing I’d been using these last four years. First of all, its brand new and is nice and shiny. Second, it’s quite, even though it’s twice the horsepower of my old mower. Third, it took one easy pull of the starter cord to get the thing going–unlike the 11-15 pulls it took to get the old mower going. There were times when, once I got that old mower started, I was too tired to mow! But not anymore! Finally, it’s a got a rear bag attachment so if I wanted to, I could finally bag my grass!


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