The Cooperstown Trip

It is official! Doug and I will be making a roadtrip to Cooperstown. Doug is going to fly into town on Friday, June 8. I’ve rented us a nice car from Hertz and we’re going to drive up to Cooperstown on Friday, June 9. It’s about a 6-1/2 hour drive from where I live, but we’ll probably take longer. For one thing, I’ve promised Eric that I’d stop by his place in Albany on the way up.

We’ll be staying at the Tunnicliff Inn, which is a mere 500 feet from the Baseball Hall of Fame. We’ll have all day Saturday to explore.

Sunday we’ll head back home, stopping for a few hours in New York City to see jen_ashlock and Jason.

Doug then heads home on Monday, June 12.

Should be fun and I can’t wait!


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