Summer’s coming…

I can always tell when summer is coming because my schedule starts to get filled with all sorts of visitors and/or travel. Cases in point:

1. This weekend, I’ll have company for the long Memorial Day weekend.
2. The following weekend (June 2-4), Dad will be in town for the Orioles/Yankees game.
3. June 8-12 Doug will be in town for the Cooperstown trip.
4. June 16 I am attending Rich’s “black tie” graduation dinner.
5. June 29-30 I will be in Pittsburgh for a project.
6. June 30-July 4 I will be in NYC helping jen_ashlock and Jason move into their new place.
7. July 21-24 I may in L.A. visiting friends
8. July 29-31 Dad is back in town for another Orioles game.
9. August 11-13 I will be in New York for a Yankees game

And that’s what I know about so far.


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