In New York City

Requirements meetings are complete and I was able to get to Pittburgh airport earlier than I thought. In fact, instead of having to wait until the 8:30 PM flight on which I was originally scheduled, I was able to get on the 3:55 PM flight into La Guardia, and I made it to jen_ashlock and Jason’s by 6 PM. Their place is almost entirely packed up for the move on Sunday.

Jason made an excellent steak and potatoes dinner, which was preceeded by and followed by shots of tequila or jaeger, depending on one’s preference. It was the first time I attempted a tequila shot without the “training wheels” (salt and lime).

I got us tickets to the 10:15 PM showing of Superman Returns. It will be my second time seeing the movie, but Jen and Jason’s first time. I also confirmed with Kevin that we’re all going to see the Brooklyn Cyclones play on Monday evening.

Incidentally, in all of the time I’ve ever traveled into our out of the New York area, today was the first time I ever flew into La Guardia airport.


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