Move complete!

Luck, some planning and hard work were the ingredients required to make the move of Jen and Jason’s stuff happen so quickly. While Jason picked up the truck this morning, Jen and I moved all of the boxes and most of the other stuff downstairs so that we could pack the truck quickly. As it turns out, it took us longer to load the truck and move boxes out than to unload the truck and move boxes in.

As luck would have it, Jason was able to find a parking space on 85th directly across the street from the entrance to their apartment building. This made it very easy to get stuff from the truck into the building.

We had a total of six people doing the moving. Myself, Jen and Jason, as well as their friends, Jenn, Tommy, and his brother Dean. Jen and Jason live on the fifth floor and there was no elevator, so we used a fire brigade method of organization: Jenn sat in the truck and handed stuff to Tommy. Tommy brought the stuff into the building to the base of the stairs, and handed it off to Dean. Dean brought it up to the second floor landed, handing off to Jen. Jen brought it up to the third floor landing, handing off to me. I brought it up to the fourth floor landing, handing off to Jason. Jason brought the boxes up to the fifth floor and into the apartment. Using this method, we got into a rhythm that allowed up to have everything moved in in just about an hour.

It was hard work, however. We agreed to meet later on this evening for dinner and drinks. In the meantime, Jason is returning the truck. I went down to the corner to get a haircut. We have a few hours to shower and rest and then we head out for the evening.


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