Everybody’s working on the weekend

Although I am still relatively stress-free, I’ve felt the stress level climbing at work at bit lately. I have a lot to do, including one project whose deadline is fast approaching at the end of July, and for which I just finished a design review, just discovered that my test team lead will be on vacation for 2 weeks, and just discovered some architectural changes that might need to be made to the design.

So, in order to fray some of the stress, and keep things relatively even, I decided to bring my laptop home with me this weekend, and spend at least part of the weekend doing some work in order to stay ahead, as much as possible.

Hopefully, this won’t become a regular thing. But as it turns out, I have no real plans for this weekend anyway. I mowed the lawn yesterday. I have reading to do. And I just started re-watching episodes of Sex and the City from the very beginning. That leaves plenty of time to squeeze in some work.

Still, I feel like I shouldn’t have to bring it home with me; that I could someone plan better at work, or make better use of my time. In any event, for this weekend only (I hope), I’ll be like everyone else these days: working on the weekend.


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