A Do-Nothing Weekend

This is my first weekend off work in a month. My big project has rolled out and the first week of its use went well. I don’t have anything to stress over on that system anymore. I can at last relax and enjoy my weekend. It is a do-nothing weekend at last.

Of course, do-nothing weekend, doesn’t mean do nothing. For instance, there is catching-up to do so maybe I should call this my catching-up weekend. There is a pile of unread magazines on my desk (and several more digital versions on my digital desk) that I have neglected and need to catch up on.

A pile of unread magazines on my desk

Then there is the cover to the deck tent. I pull it off the frame before a recent wind storm and noticed that some of the Velcro straps that attach to the beams separated from the cover. They weren’t sewed on very well. Indeed, 7 of 8 came off and I need to sew them back on so that the whole think is more secure. That means I have to find the needles and thread, and well, maybe watch a YouTube video or two on how to sew.

We have gutter covers on all the gutters, but I still like to spot-check them once a year to make sure nothing managed to find its way inside. That requires pull the ladder up from behind the shed. It’s a cool day today and so I’ll probably save this for the afternoon when it will be warmer out.

I’ve noticed a few light bulbs out around the house, including one of the two over the sink in our bathroom. I need to replace that. When in Florida a month ago, I stocked up on t-shirts, and now my closet is overflowing with more shirts than the hangers will hold. I have to go through and get rid of the ones I no longer wear, and put them in the box of things to donate. The utility closet downstairs could use some spring cleaning. Eventually, I’d like to put a spare freezer down there, and maybe add some shelves to the walls.

I’ve already managed to tackle a few things on this do-nothing catch-up weekend. I got out for an early morning walk, timing it perfectly just as the overnight rain stopped. When I got back home I emptied the dishwasher, and put the accumulated dishes in. Looking at all of the things I need to catch-up on this weekend, I realize I’ll need more energy than I have at the moment. I think what I’ll do is take one of these magazines, and read for a while, and then take a nap. After my nap, I’m sure I’ll be ready to start catching-up in earnest.


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