What’s keeping me busy this weekend

For folks who like lists:

  1. Pickup and install new bookshelves. (Done)
  2. Golden Age reading (up next Isaac Asimov’s “Not Final!” in the October 1941 Astounding)
  3. Start reading Robert J. Sawyer‘s serialized novel Triggers in the Jan/Feb 2012 Analog
  4. Figure out what book to read now that I’ve finished Stephen King’s 11/22/63. It is always hard for me to pick the next book after reading a really good one. I’m leaning toward Full Dark, No Stars, just to keep things going. But I also have Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84. I think I’m saving that one for the holiday break.
  5. At least 1,000 more words of fiction writing (500 today, 500 tomorrow).
  6. Put the finishing touches on my next Wayward Time Traveler column (4th in a mini-arc) and write the column after that one (because I have a good idea and because it feels good to be ahead of the curve).
  7. Scan into Evernote the accumulated pile of paper on my desk. (I’m several days behind.)
  8. Catch up on my backlog of New Scientist issues (working most recent to least recent).
  9. Catch up on my backlog of Scientific American (working most recent to least recent).
  10. Get a haircut.
These, of course, are all in addition to the usual family stuff, which this weekend may also include a visit to the Air & Space Museum Annex at by Dulles Airport to give the Little Man a chance to see some cool airplanes.

What’s keeping you busy this weekend?

One comment

  1. Writing stuff (finished a book review, have some game turns to write)

    Gaming with the Indiegamers.

    Making up some homemade cranberry sauce for thanksgiving.

    Dealing with a bit of snow that is now falling outside my window…


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