Gotham: Take Two

I’m going to try and finish up It’s Superman this evening after I get out of the shower. If I do end up finishing it, then the next book on the list is Gotham: A History of New York City Through 1898. This is a 1,200 page, 800,000 word book that I tried reading back at the end of 2001. It was outstanding then and I got through about 500 pages, but wanted to move on to other things. However, having gone to the Museum of the City of New York over the last weekend, and having watched some of the documentary on the history of New York City, I think it’s worth giving it another shot.

The book, as I said, is 1,200 pages long. Assuming I started tomorrow, and gave myself all of March (800,000 words in a month in a pretty good pace for me) that means an average of about 34 pages per day through March 31.


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