We love having visitors, but we’ve had visitors every weekend since moving. Couple that with the move itself, the tasks to do afterward, and wedding plans, and I think both Kelly and I are exhausted at this point. Fortunately, next weekend is Labor Day weekend. It’s a three-day weekend for me and a four-day weekend for Kelly (because of her flex-day). And so we have decided to make that a weekend of peace and quiet. We are doing nothing.

We are not going to anyone’s house, not going to anyone’s parties, not having anyone over, not going out of town, not doing a lot of errands. We are going to catch our collective breaths and relax for a change. I think it will be nice, and besides, it’s probably our last chance to do so before the wedding, which is now a less than 7 weeks (less than 50 days) away.


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