Second workout

I did my second workout today, and my first by myself. I went to the Greenbelt gym, which is not nearly as nice as the one at Pentegon City, but it worked for what I needed it. I did 30 minutes of cardio as directly, all on the stationary bike. I managed to keep my heart rate close to 149 the whole time, which is what is considered an optimal cardio workout for someone my age. It seemed a little easy, and maybe it should, but I might try something different next time, like perhaps the treadmill or one of those ski-looking things.

After the cardio workout, I worked on back and abs. The back was easy. Abs were harder. The first set of abs on the machine I did at 60 pounds and it seemed really easy. I did the second set at 80 pounds and that was much harder. Then I moved to one of the machines at which you can do situps and crunches and did two sets of those. By the end of the second set, I was really beginning to feel it, and that’s when I called it quits for the day.

Incidentally, my arms are even more sore today than yesterday, but that’s the “two-days after” effect and is common with me. Tomorrow, I think my arms will feel much better. I did some curls with free weights at home (10 lbs) just to help tense up the muscles a bit and stretch them out.

Now I’ve got to shower and head into D.C.


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