Playing catch-up

After having read “Rollback” in ANALOG yesterday, I felt like I needed some more. It is hard for me to admit this, but I am nearly one year behind in my s.f. magazine reading. With one or two exceptions, I’ve read nothing but editorials in the s.f. mags. So last night, when I couldn’t sleep, I cracked open the August 2006 ASIMOV’S SF and read Stephen Baxter’s “In the Time Abyss”.

Then, this morning, I picked up the September 2006 F&SF and read Kelly Link’s ingenious novella, “Magic For Beginners”, which to be seemed like Beyond Apollo meets Something Wicked This Way Comes. Now I’m kind of hooked. I’m trying to find time to squeeze in a story or two a day from each of the three magazines each month for the past year until I am caught up. Granted, I won’t read every story. But I’ll at least skim the ones that I don’t read.

Hey! This is fun!


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