What a dope!

I’ve reached my limit when it comes tolerating drugs and sports. For a while, I figured, give the guy (or girl) a second chance. But with what doping is doing to many sports, I’ve changed my mind.

You’ve got it in baseball. You’ve got it in cycling. You’ve got it in soccer, and who knows where else people are doping up to perform better. It’s a problem and it’s terribly embarassing to just about everyone involved. It’s harmful to kids who look up to the Bonds’ and Landis’ as role models.

And there is simply no excuse for it.

My new philosophy on the matter is simple: if you’re caught doping, or otherwise cheating in a sport, you’re fired. Period. Most companies don’t tolerate drug use in their employees, why should sports franchises be any different.

The fact is that doping is cheating and cheating should not be tolerated. I used to think, heck, give the guy another chance. But I’ve grown a little more cynical, I suppose. I now think, that while someone may be caught for the first time using some illegal substance, it is very unlikely that it’s the first time they’ve used the substance.

What’s done is done. McGuire, Bonds, Canseco, Giambi. It’s all controvertial and bad for the sport. If they are caught doping again, I say, ban them for life. But I think this goes for anyone who is caught, first time or not. The only way to show the world that cheating won’t be tolerated, is by not tolerating cheating.


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