Come on, suck it up already!

It was hard enough for me to understand exactly why people were offended by Janet Jackson’s “accidental” exposure during the Superbowl a few years back. But I suppose a weak argument could be made over the fact that it was during prime time television, with lots of children watching, and that was not the appropriate forum for such an exposure.

I must say here that I feel sorry for any children not so familiar with human anatomy that they feel uncomfortable seeing it. I feel sorrier for the adults who are, more than likely, the one’s who were really uncomfortable

Fine. The Superbowl is not an appropriate place to expose breasts.

Today, I read that a parenting magazine, called BABYTALK is the next victim of such shock and offense. The cover of the latest issue contains a picture of a baby breastfeeding. In case you are trying to visualize just how offensive this must look, I have reproduced the image here to help you.

One woman from Kansas wrote to the magazine, saying, “I was SHOCKED to see a giant breast on the cover of your magazine.” Apparently, this was one of more than 5,000 letters of complaint the magazine received.

Give me a break! It seems to me that a magazine called BABYTALK is the perfect forum for this type of discussion. It is a magazine likely to be read only by young parents, or soon-to-be parents. It is a far cry from the Superbowl. The cover picture was for an article entitled, “Why Women Don’t Nurse Longer?” Apparently, the answer is that they can’t stand the sight of breasts.

It’s strange, but I don’t see anyone complaining about the nude photo of Britney Spears on the cover of Harpers Bazaar recently.


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