Superbowl Sunday

I was up at 7:30 this morning and headed over to IHOP to have breakfast. Apparently, today is Superbowl Sunday; restaurants around town have signs out front pleading people to come watch the big game at their establishments. I don’t even know what time the game starts, let alone who is playing. Back when I lived in L.A., Superbowl Sunday was the one day every year that Dan, Megan, Tawnya and I would go to Disneyland; the park was usually pretty empty that day.

It’s sunny but cold out today. February is usually the worst winter month here in the D.C. area, but so far it hasn’t been too bad, and when I looked at the forecast this morning, it looks like we’re in for much of the same, so February could end up being a pretty mild month, like the rest of the winter thus far.

I got through about 45 pages of Death by Black Hole last night, and I actually really enjoyed it. I’m skeptical about reading science essays by anyone other than Isaac Asimov, because his were just so good. But Dyson does a really good job, and it’s no surprise, as he cites Stephen Jay Gould as being his model for an ideal science essayist. I’ve also read Gould’s essays and they are very good too. In fact, I’d say that Asimov, Gould and Martin Gardner are among my favorite essayists when it comes to science, but Tyson is pretty good too. I’m looking forward to getting through some more of the book this morning.

Automatic For the People is my favorite R.E.M. album and I very rarely listen to it straight through, but this morning, I was in the mood to hear it. It always brings back vivid memories of my junior year at UCR.


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